<< A Story of Scars >>

7:10 a.m.

The next day was a lot of fun. The four women drove all over town looking at apartments and housing developments. Tammy and Beverly settled on a new development that was going to be ready soon. They took a tour of a couple of model houses, picking one that was two stories with a loft-style bedroom on the second floor. Strangely, Carrie also spent a lot of time talking to the lady showing the house.

"What was that about?" asked Alicia after pulling her lover aside.

Carrie looked a bit sheepish. "Well, I don't want to live in an apartment forever. Besides, I thought we might want a little more space and . . ."

Alicia's heart was beating a mile a minute. "Excuse me. Did you say ‘we'?"

Carrie raised her head, looking slightly perplexed. "I guess I did. Strange. Well, I guess you COULD stay with me for a while longer. If you're interested, that is." Carrie was obviously trying very hard to sound nonchalant about the offer.

Alicia looked around to make sure that the others weren't paying attention. Then she hugged Carrie from behind, slid one hand down her pants and fingered her pussy through her panties. "When I get you alone tonight, I'm going to fuck you so hard . . . It's going to be un-fucking-believable." She started sucking on Carrie's earlobe. Carrie moaned, but Alicia withdrew her hand before things got carried away. There would be plenty of time for that later. But much to her joy, Carrie looked like she was going to be more than ready. The older woman even grabbed her lover's ass on their way back to the car.

"For crying out loud you two," said Tammy. "Get a room!"

"Actually, I was thinking of getting three rooms. And a den, an actual kitchen, a big back yard . . ."

"Are you serious? I was wondering why you were asking all the questions."

"So, would you like to be my neighbor?"

"If you start singing that song, I'll have to kill you." But Tammy gave her friend a strong hug. "I think that would be great." Meanwhile, Alicia and Beverly had hi-five'd.

"Yes!" they said in unison.


The evening rolled around, and Beverly and Tammy found themselves back at their hotel room. They had said goodbye, for the moment, to their friends with whom they intended to keep in touch regularly. Tammy was packing their things for their trip home. Meanwhile, Beverly was readying herself in the bathroom. She was very nervous, as she had never done anything like this before. But Alicia had been right about one thing. Sometimes, you just had to take chances.

"Hon, did I leave anything in there? Besides the toothpaste I mean?"

"Yes," Beverly said, trying to sound confident. "You left a young woman," she said as she strolled out. "Did you want to keep her?"

Tammy looked over, then quickly sat down on the bed. "Wow! I mean . . . where did you . . . Wow!"

Beverly had changed into the lingerie that she had bought the previous day. She was wearing white thigh-high, stand-up fishnet stockings that clung wonderfully to her legs. She had on a pair of white satin, French-cut panties that left little to the imagination. Her upper body was covered by a lavender, baby-doll nightie made of silk that was held together at the breasts by a single bowed thread. Her arms sported long white gloves; the type some women wore when going to the opera. She was still uncomfortable applying make-up, so she had kept it simple with a light blush and ruby-red lipstick. Her curly blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders and past the white-lace choker around her neck.

"Uhm . . . when . . . where . . . Did I mention ‘Wow'?"

"Yes, I think you did," Beverly returned shyly. "So, do you like it? And don't just say ‘wow' again."

"I more than like it!" Tammy reached down to remove her own shirt. "I'm feeling a bit overdressed all of a sudden."

"Wait," said Beverly, moving towards her lover and pushing her back onto the bed. "Let me." She worked the buttons slowly, caressing Tammy's large tits as she went. Her lover was wearing a practical bra, but it didn't much matter as Beverly intended to remove it soon. She pulled the rest of the shirt out of Tammy's jeans, then pushed the shirt down the woman's shoulders. The older woman's phenomenal body never failed to amaze her. She ran her hands over those large dark globes again before squeezing her hands behind the woman's back and unclasping their constraint. Her lips instantly shot out to capture one of the soft dark aureoles, licking and sucking it gently. She ran a hand downwards and started rubbing the older woman's crotch through her pants. Then she unzipped the pants and slid her hand underneath them, letting her hand continue its work. Tammy was moaning as she placed both hands on the outside of her jeans, pushing Beverly's hand against her moistening crotch. Beverly pushed her fingers into the fabric and into Tammy's warm slit, tracing one of her digits up and down its length.

Tammy reached up and began gently fondling Beverly satin-and-lace clad breasts, savoring their weight while marveling at the softness of the fabric. "Where did you get this outfit? And what all do I have to get you to wear it more often?"

Beverly smiled. "You just have to ask. And doing that thing with your hands is good too," she added as Tammy groped her breasts. "We'd better get these pants off you." She slid down to the floor and pulled her lover's pants off. She was face to face with Beverly's crotch. "You know, this thong looks familiar. It's like an old friend." Then she kissed her ‘old friend.' She mouthed Tammy's swollen lips through the fabric, embracing them with her mouth then licking her way around them. Then with a quick move of her wrists, the thong was gone. She kissed the now exposed clitoral hood, and then her tongue went to work deep inside Tammy's body.

The older woman was squirming in the most erotic fashion Beverly had ever seen. Tammy couldn't seem to get enough of her lover's tongue buried in her sweet sex, and Beverly had no intention of denying her any of it. It took only a few minutes before the Tammy's body was racked with pleasure as her orgasm rippled from her head to her toes. Beverly kept up her attentions all the way through, making sure there was no break in the pleasure stream. When done, Beverly crawled like a cat down the bed, licking the ‘milk' from her lips. She lay on her side next to the still-recovering Tammy and started suckling one of those magnificent breasts again.

This time, it was Tammy's turn to slide a hand under Beverly's naughty panties and she began fingering the blonde girl's pussy. She grabbed a firm handful of Beverly's ass and held her in place, but enjoying the feeling of silk nightie on silk panties on firm ass. Her fingers had a mind of their own, and they knew every crack and crevice of Beverly's anatomy. The explored her mound, clit, lips and the depths of her box. They slid inside and curled towards the front vaginal wall, looking for that special spot, which they found with little difficulty.

"C'mon," she told Beverly. "I want you to cum for me. I want you to get those pretty little panties all nice and wet."

Beverly wasn't particularly inclined to argue. She was biting her lip as Tammy's fingers performed their delicate operations. Tammy rolled her over onto her knees and then knelt behind her, pushing the underwear aside and inserting three fingers into Beverly's cunt. She used them like little pistons, and soon she had her lover grunting. She reached forward and grabbed one of those heavy breasts, fondling it through its silky prison. After a few more minutes, it was Beverly's turn to experience the ‘little death.' Her pussy clamped down on Tammy's fingers and she buried her face in the blanket as she started moaning louder. Her body shook, her breathing speed increased and her pussy spasmed. And that was how her orgasm took her. Tammy kissed the girl's ass on one cheek then the other before withdrawing her hand.

Once Beverly regained her composure, Tammy pulled her up to a kneeling position. The two women kissed for a few moments, enjoying the short rest between activities.

Tammy was looking at the single bow keeping Beverly's nightie tied up. "You know, you look just a Christmas present. I want to unwrap my present now." She tugged on the string and the article of clothing popped open, leaving Beverly's large breasts swinging in the air. The garment then fell delicately off her shoulders, and then Beverly removed her own gloves. There was only a very soaked and very small piece of fabric that was keeping them both from being naked. Luckily, the panties also could be untied at the side, which Tammy quickly took care of. They pressed their bodies together as the commenced another long, sweet kiss. Their tongues went exploring each other's mouths, savoring the sweat and cum residue.

Tammy went to whisper in Beverly's ear, allowing the younger girl's mouth to latch on to the sensitive skin of Tammy's neck. "Did you know that you are absolutely perfect," she said.

Beverly blushed. "I'm only as good as my teacher," she said. "I hope I get to spend the rest of my life learning from you." It sounded kind of awkward, but it was the best way to express how she felt.

Tammy looked deliriously happy at that statement. "From now until forever, everything I have to give is yours." They just stared at each other for a moment, and almost subconsciously spread their legs so that they could push their pussies together. With their legs interlocked, they began rubbing and humping against each other. This was one of their favorite positions, as they were able to look each other in the eyes the entire time. They did allow their fingers to play a part in the game, and they fingered each other as the grinding continued. Then they just rubbed each other clitoral area and increased the tempo of their hips.

Just a few months earlier, Beverly would never have imagined this taking place. It seemed so long ago when she was just the nervous daughter of a bigoted preacher in the wild's of Alaska. Now, she had successfully pushed all the right buttons on her gorgeous, dark-skinned lover a continent away from where she had spent her entire life. It was a place she once thought she would never escape from. But her knight in shining armor had rescued her, she was being taken to the refuge of the knight's castle far away from the dragon that had threatened her very existence.

They were both panting heavily and sweating more so. Their fingers and thighs were working at fevered pitches. And then the goal was achieved, as simultaneous orgasms rocked their bodies. The clung to each other's legs for support as their pussies spasmed again, causing their sensitive outer portions to rub against each other some more.

Tammy was first to speak. "Every time with you is like the first time."

"Hopefully, you don't mean that it's awkward and clumsy," Beverly pouted insincerely.

"That's not what I meant, silly goose. I meant that you just feel so new and wonderful to me." The two girls curled up on their sides next to each other and held each other tightly. "I love you so much that it scares me sometimes."

Beverly was stumbling for words. This is what they were about. Gentle whispers and passionate kisses, warm hugs and heartfelt confessions. Finding no words that could express it all, she just kissed Tammy again, putting her whole soul into the act. "You know," she said finally with just a hint of tears in her eyes, "we have all night in this really nice hotel room. And we could just sleep on the plane . . ."

No more words were needed. The two of them made love for hours before the Sandman finally claimed them.


Across town, a very different scenario was unfolding. Alicia and Carrie strolled through the front door of their apartment. Alicia slammed the door behind her. She had been a good girl all week. She felt it was time to be bad.

Carrie looked at her, undiluted want smoldering behind her eyes. "I seem to remember you saying something about fucking me hard. It's time to put up or shut up." Then she added with a smile, "This time, you get to go first."

"Good," Alicia said. "Now strip naked and get on your knees!" Carrie did as she was told, but with a smile on her face. This was the game they liked to play. Alicia dug through her bag of stuff she had picked up at ‘The Proper Madame' and pulled out a restraint she had bought. It was four adjustable leather cuffs attached to a single metal ring. She walked behind Carrie and attached cuffs to her ankles and wrists then cinched them up so that her lover would be unable to move. Then she went into the bathroom to change her clothes.

She emerged wearing a leather teddy and thigh-high leather boots with high heels. She attached a spiked collar, complete with leash, to Carrie's neck. Then she pulled the recliner up until it was directly in front of her redheaded lover's immobilized form. "Hello puppy," she said as she sat down in the comfortable chair. "I don't want you to speak. You will simply obey." She extended her leg until the tip of her boot touched Carrie's swollen mound. "Now puppy, hump my foot! That's a good girl. Dance with it!" Carrie was rubbing her glistening mound as much as she could against Alicia's footwear. But the younger girl only gave her enough to tease her with. Carrie was obviously become incredibly frustrated as she tried to get more of Alicia's leather-clad foot into her dripping sex but was unable to do so. Alicia slid the point past the entrance to her lover's pussy so that the top of her foot was pushed up against the mount, allowing Carrie to press her swollen lips against a greater surface area. She ground her hips as hard as she could while trying to achieve release while humping her lover's leg.

"Not yet puppy," Alicia continued, withdrawing her leg, much to Carrie's distress. The older woman actually began to whimper. "There there, my pet." Alicia extended the other leg, repeating the earlier process with her other foot. But rather than withdrawing it, after a few minutes she inserted her toe deeper into Carrie's hungry cunt than she had previously gone. Carrie went a little crazy as she pushed back against her lover's shoe, and this time Alicia let her. Soon, Carrie was cumming like crazy onto Alicia's foot. The leather became slick and shiny with her girl-juice. Alicia pulled the foot back and looked at it disapprovingly. "Now look what you've done puppy. You made a mess of my shoe. Since you made the mess, you get to clean it up." She raised the boot to Carrie's lips. "Make sure you get it all, otherwise there will be no supper for you." To emphasize her last point, she unsnapped the bottom of her teddy and began playing with her own moist pussy.

Carrie took the threat to heart, licking her own cum off of the young woman's shoes. She took extreme care to clean up every last drop to her lover's satisfaction.

"See, now that's a good girl." Alicia cooed. She stood up and put her then dripping pussy just an inch from Carrie's anxious lips. "And now puppy gets to have its dinner. Now lap at it, my pet. Lick it like a cute little puppy." Then she pushed her crotch against Alicia's face while grabbing both sides of the older woman's head. Carrie wasn't in a position to use much by way of finesse, so she just went down the middle. Her tongue was moving a mile a minute as it was forced deep within Alicia's pussy. "Lick faster! Oh that's good!" Alicia stopped and rubbed her dripping sex all over her lover's face until it actually shimmered with juice. Then it was back to the eating.

Alicia would have been happy to let it go on forever. She had a beautiful woman on her knees eating her out. She had that woman's head firmly grabbed with her hands as she fucked her face. But Carrie was too good at what she did, and she quickly had the younger woman cumming up a storm. Whereas before Alicia had gripped the red-haired beauty's head for control, she suddenly found herself doing it just to stay upright.

"God, you have a sweet tongue," she whispered as the waves of pleasure ran through her. She could hear Carrie noisily swallowing as much cum as she could. Alicia collapsed back into the recliner and stared at her lover, whose smiling, glistening face carried a look of satisfaction on it. "Yes, you did your job well. But I don't think I'm done yet." She pulled on the leash and Carrie toppled face first into the chair, her lips landing once again on Alicia's cunt. She was at an awkward angle, as her only her knees were on the floor and she was leaning forward at a forty-five degree angle into Alicia's crotch.

"You were so rough last time," Alicia continued, pulling on the leash to hold Carrie in place. "Be gentle this time. You aren't a big dog right now. You're still my little puppy." Carrie put her tongue back to work, but this time taking her time and working her way around. Alicia had never had anyone without as talented a tongue between her legs before. Every inch of her slit was explored. And once Carrie moved on to the clitoris, it was all over as Carrie quickly brought her to another orgasm. Alicia kept the leash pulled tight as ecstasy swept through her, keeping her lover's face buried in her box. Then it was time to give the dog a bone, so to speak.

She loosened the straps leading to the cuffs around Carrie's ankles just a bit, then gently pushed her lover back onto her shoulders. Alicia grabbed a few pillows off the bed and stuck them under Carrie's back to provide some support. Carrie's body basically formed a triangle with the floor, with her shoulders and feet on the ground. Then Alicia pulled out one more toy. It was a nice dildo, about eight inches long and one and a quarter inches across on average with an easy-to-grip handle at the end. What Alicia had found appealing about this particular toy was that the shaft was heavily ridged. Carrie was going to feel every stroke. She smeared a generous amount of lubricant onto the tool before positioning its head at Carrie's hungry entrance.

"Are you my bitch?" Alicia asked wickedly. "Do you want this bone? Do you want me to fuck my little bitch with it? Then beg! Beg for me to give my bitch a bone! It's okay, you have my permission to speak now."

"Please," moan Carrie plaintively. Even as she began to speak, she was straining her body to try and get the tip of the toy inside her, but her lover held it just out of reach. She wasn't ready yet. "Please fuck me. I've been good. Stick it in me! Let me be your bitch, please?"

Alicia was probably more turned on than she had ever been in her life. She was looking forward to how Carrie was going to reciprocate when their roles were reversed. But before that happened, she had one last order of business to attend to. She pushed the dildo slowly into her lover's body. She relished the sight of Carrie's face, which seemed to light up anew with every ridge of the plastic cock that slid into her pussy. Alicia managed to fit the whole thing in, then let go of it, leaving the handle stick out obscenely from between Carrie's thighs. Carrie had a look of panic now, as if afraid she wasn't going to get fucked like she had hoped. Silly girl, Alicia thought. "Don't worry my pet. I'm just going to make myself more comfortable first. She grabbed a blanket and folded it up before putting it on the ground next to Carrie. Then she knelt down, grabbing the protruding handle of her toy. "Now the, where was I? Oh yes, I seem to recall promising to fuck you so much it was going to be unbelievable." With that, she started to slide the dildo in and out. She took it slowly at first, letting her lover adjust. Just to give her other hand something to do, she grabbed one of Carrie's nipples and squeezed it firmly. Then she picked up speed on the dildo. Carrie was moaning and squirming as Alicia simultaneously stimulated both her pussy and nipples. The younger woman would occasionally lean over and lick Carrie's sensitive clit, eliciting more groans of pleasure from her lover. But she didn't do too much of that at one time. She wanted this to last.

She wasn't sure how long exactly it did last. The sight of her lover writhing in ecstasy was an aphrodisiac all its own. Carrie couldn't escape her delicious torment, even if she wanted to. Her sex box was being filled, her clit stimulated by her lover's tongue and her nipples were being treated like radio knobs. Despite the dirty talk, all she could think about was bringing Carrie pleasure. She intensified all of her efforts. This time, she didn't let up on the clitoral attention. She was pumping the dildo in and out like she was drilling for oil. Her affections did what they were meant to do. When Carrie came, it was like time stood still. Alicia was unable to budge the dildo as Carrie clamped down on it. Her back was already arched, but every muscle in her beautiful body seemed to be trembling. Her mouth was open just a little bit and she was taking short, rapid breaths, and her eyes were almost glazed over with passion and lust.

Alicia turned Carrie onto her side and undid the cuffs and the collar. The redhead lay out on the floor, stretching her abused muscles. But while her body may have had some aches, it didn't show on her face. Alicia lay down next to her.

"I hope it was worth the wait," she said as she kissed her lover, tasting the remnants of her own cum.

"It was fantastic! You're really quite good at that."

Alicia blushed at the compliment. "I hope you aren't too tired to . . . well, you know." She said that with absolute sincerity. She didn't want it to be over for the evening. She wanted Carrie to have her way with her young lover.

"Oh, don't you worry about that. I may need some time to rest, but I'm not done with you." Carrie made her way up to the bed. She lay there with her legs hanging over the edge. "But while I'm resting, why don't you crawl down there and make yourself useful."

Alicia smiled. She made her way on her hands and knees and planted her face in Carrie's crotch. Without specific instructions to the contrary, she felt free to lick pussy in her own special way. Even though she had already experienced two orgasms, Carrie was moaning in no time as her lover licked the older woman back to life. And Carrie seemed quite content to let her girlfriend get her off again, which was exactly Alicia's intention. And Carrie's vaginal opening was so tender and sensitive after the pounding it had just received that Alicia was able to achieve her objective in record time. The older woman apparently didn't have much juice left, so it was easy for Alicia to lick it all up.

"You are fucking fantastic," Carrie muttered. "But now it's my turn to play. Put your hands on the bed, feet on the ground and ass in the air. Now close your eyes until I tell you to open them." Alicia did as commanded. She wondered what Carrie had in store for her. She was in the perfect position for a good spanking. The thought made her drool a bit. She liked Carrie's spankings. After several minutes of silence and contemplation, she felt something being slowly pushed into her exposed sphincter. She grunted as her ass adjusted to the object. It felt like a plug, as once the head was inside she felt the forward movement stop. And she felt something else, something brushing against the back of her legs. Strange, she thought. It feels like hair. The she felt something heavy on her back, then felt something being tied below her waist. Next, Carrie seemed to be encouraging her lips to part and her mouth to open, and Alicia felt something long and rubbery being placed between her teeth.

"Now bite down on this," she heard, and she did as asked. Then she felt straps flapping on either side of her face. She felt realization dawning on her. She knew what Carrie was doing to her.

"Okay," Carrie ordered, "open your eyes now."

Alicia opened her eyes. A mirror had been placed at the end of the bed so that Alicia could get a better look at the proceedings. Carrie was standing directly behind her, wearing a long leather duster and a black cowboy hat. The duster was open in the front, and the insides of the older woman's breasts were visible. Sure enough, she had a bit in her mouth which had reins attached to either side, the ends of which were lying on her back. She also saw long strands of horsehair coming out of the butt-plug that was filling up her ass. She wiggled her hips, watching her ‘tail' swish in the air. She glanced over her shoulder and noticed that a small, human-sized saddle had been strapped to her back. And then she noticed the riding crop in Carrie's hand. ‘Oh goody!' she thought. I'm getting my spanking after all. But then, she saw something that boggled the mind.

Carrie stepped out from being directly behind her lover, and Alicia saw something poking out of the duster. It was the biggest strap-on phallus she had ever seen. It had to be at least sixteen inches long and two inches thick. It was bright red, and had a huge head and a number of bulging plastic veins.

"It's funny," Carrie said as she sauntered over to pick up the bottle of lubricant. "You wanted to make me a dog, but now you're my horse; my little beast of burden. Well, I'm about to fuck you. And I want you to pay attention, because every inch of this that gets lubed up is getting stuck right up your little horse cunt!" Alicia watched as Carrie proceeded to cover every square inch of the dildo. ‘Good God,' she thought. That thing will split me in half! "After all," continued the redhead, if I'm going to take the trouble of dressing you up like a horse, then you should get fucked with a horse's cock." She took her place behind Alicia's behind, moved the hanging horsehair out of the way and touched the massive head of the dong against Alicia's pussy. Alicia felt so tiny compared with the tool that was about to be used against her. Then the pressure disappeared.

"I'm not quite ready," Carrie said. "I think horses sometimes swish their tails when they're receptive to the idea of mating. C'mon, swish your tail. Otherwise, I won't mount you."

Alicia quickly swung her hips from side to side, and her tail trailed over her ass cheeks. She felt so wonderfully naughty, and even if it killed her, she was going to have that massive cock inside her.

"Good girl. I think its time to ride you hard and put you away wet. Very, very wet." The pressure reappeared at Alicia's entrance, but this time Carrie pushed inward. Alicia gasped through the bit in her mouth. She felt her vaginal walls expanding to new widths to accommodate that monster. She felt the sweat building up on her forehead as her body strained. Soon the head was in, and then Carrie inserted more, inch by inch. She took Alicia's reins in one hand and tied them off on the saddle-horn, making Alicia keep her head upright. She whimpered as more and more of it filled her tight little box. Finally, she felt it stop. She glanced in the mirror and saw that at least half of the thing had disappeared inside her. Then Carrie raised the riding crop and smiled.

‘Thwack!' rang out in the apartment. It wasn't enough to cause any real pain, but it certainly got Alicia's attention. She pulled forward and then thrust herself back onto her rider's cock.

"Good girl," said Carrie. "You pick up fast. Now we're going to start off at a walk. Then we're going move up to a trot." Her smile widened. "Then we're going to a gallop, and I'm going to ride you until you can't take any more." Then there was another quick thwack, and Alicia thrust backwards again. They developed a nice slow tempo at first, and Alicia began adjust to the huge dildo which was obscenely spreading her pussy lips. She felt every vein of it, and savored the sensation of the huge head penetrating her depths. It appeared in the mirror that more than a foot of the huge device was penetrating her body, but she wanted more. Her ass was stinging, but she was loving every moment. Then the ‘thwacks' increased in number and speed, and Alicia found herself fucking the enormous dong at a more rapid pace. She was actually seeing stars at that point, as pleasure centers she didn't even know she had were on overdrive. The plug in her ass made her feel especially full, and she knew that some of the rubber cock was rubbing against her ‘special place.' She would have bit her lip if her mouth weren't full. She wasn't sure how much more she could take.

"Well, I think that's enough warm-up, don't you?" Carrie asked. The riding crop started coming down a lot more often. The older woman was being careful not to swing very hard, as Alicia's ass was already turning red. The goal wasn't to hurt her, just to turn her on. And Alicia was incredibly turned on. She and Carrie was slamming against each other like demolition derby cars, and each thrust sent new waves of pleasure emanating out from her pussy. Carrie actually put the riding crop in her own mouth so she could grab both of Alicia's hips and fuck the young girl harder and faster. When Alicia came that time, it was unlike any time before. She was completely unable to exert enough strength to stop the relentless pounding of that enormous plastic cock, so she just let her chest come to rest on the bed as her body experienced a number of pleasurable eruptions coming from her crotch. But Carrie didn't rest, and she rode the younger woman all the way through the orgasm.

"Get back up," she warned. "Get back up or I'll stop." Alicia felt the strap-on come to a complete halt while buried halfway inside her. Alicia struggled but found the strength to lift her torso off the bed.

"See, that wasn't so hard," Carrie crooned. She started her thrusts again, but she had gone back to her ‘walking' pace. It was clear she intended to give her mount a chance to recover. As soon as Alicia arms no longer trembled and her posture seemed strong, Carrie immediately returned to a full gallop. Alica's quickly felt her knees growing weak. The older woman rode her for another five minutes, and the Alicia came again. This time, Carrie allowed the younger woman to rest her body on the bed. But she didn't stop.

Alicia almost felt like she was going to pass out. Her pussy felt so full and her body was experiencing so much pleasure that she couldn't even stand up anymore. And Carrie wasn't done. The older woman quickly fucked her to another orgasm, and Alicia was to weakened to even move.

‘Holy shit,' she thought. ‘That's five so far today.'

She felt the reins being loosened so her face could fall comfortably onto the mattress. "Poor thing," Carrie said. "Your tight little hole is all stretched and tired now isn't it?" Alicia felt the enormous dong slowly sliding out of her body, and then Carrie removed the butt-plug.

‘Thank goodness,' Alicia thought. ‘I don't know if I could have taken any . . .' Her train of thought was caught off as she felt incredible pressure being exerted where the plug had just been removed. ‘She couldn't? It won't possibly fit!'

But Carrie was doing just that; she was attempting to push the enormous head of the dildo into Alicia's still gaping asshole. And Alicia was unable to do anything about it. The entire length of the plastic dong was bigger than the head of the butt-plug had been, but her asshole was still more accommodating than it would have been otherwise. After a minute, she felt the head slide in and the shaft slowly followed in its footsteps.

"Remember our first date," Carrie asked? "Remember how you stuck your whole hand inside my pussy? Well, I'd imagine it felt kind of what I'm doing to your little asshole right now! Put your hand back and play with yourself while I fuck your ass."

As Alicia began playing with herself, she realized she wasn't going to last long. Her ass was already becoming more comfortable with the monster that was invading it, and her pussy was so tender and sensitive that even the slightest touch sent shivers up her spine. Carrie wasn't able to fit much of her strap-on into Alicia's butt, so she just started pumping for or five inches as gently as she could. Alicia looked in the mirror and saw the big red thing disappearing into her bowels. It only took a few minutes before she climaxed again. All she could do was lye there on the bed with her knees on the floor. She was moaning with pure pleasure as the final ripples of her orgasm finally faded.

Carrie pulled the device out and removed her strap-on harness. She placed her boots and duster on the chair, then started removing the myriad of attachments that clung to Alicia's body. It took a while.

As Carrie removed the bit from Alicia's mouth, the young woman's lips started to move as if she wanted to say something. Carrie lay down next to her and placed her ear next to her lover's mouth.

"That was so good," Alicia said at last. "Carrie . . ."

"Yes," whispered the redhead.

"I . . . I think I love you!"

All the constraints and chains and toys they had used didn't seem to have even half the effect that one sentence did. Carrie's face lit up and flushed red, and her eyes actually started to water. She kissed Alicia full on the lips and held the kiss for a long time.

"I'm pretty sure I love you too."

That was what it was all about to her. The sex toys, the cuffs, the restraints and the leather . . . they were all just part of the game. Neither woman really wanted a master or a slave. They just wanted a partner who they could trust and who trusted them in return. And preferably a partner with a healthy sexual appetite.

After a while they gathered enough energy to head towards the bathroom. They let the cat Seven out before he went stir crazy. Carrie had thought it best to keep him in there for the evening so his claws didn't dig into anything sensitive. They showered together, enjoying each other's bodies as they cleaned the sweat and cum from each other's skins. After drying off, Alicia went and stripped the bed to the fitted sheet and lay down on her stomach while Carrie lay a towel and an ice-pack on her tender ass. As Carrie sat down on the bed, Alicia scooted forward and put her head in her lover's lap.

"You know," Alicia said as Carrie began playing with the young woman's hair, "it's going to be hard to keep up this pace. I don't know how much more my ass can take."

Carrie was smiling. "We can tone it down a bit for the day to day stuff. Save these kinds of games for special occasions."

"Liking falling in love?"

"I think we've already done that one. I was thinking along the lines of if we move into one of those houses. We could turn one of the bedrooms into our own little ‘play room' if you want."

"Oh, I want. I really, REALLY want." Alicia was hesitant to ask, but she felt she needed to. "Please don't freak out about this but . . . How did you and Tammy keep it interesting for the years you were together."

"It's okay. You can ask about her if you want, as long as you realized that you're the one I'm with now."

"I know. I'm just curious . . ."

"What she and I had was a lot different. She was much more . . . how do I put this . . . vanilla than you regarding sex. That doesn't mean she wasn't good in bed. Hell, who do you think taught me the finer points of oral sex?"

"Remind me to send her a ‘thank you' note."

Carrie laughed. "But you are a much better match for me in regards to sexual interests I think. Something I've finally accepted is that I can't make any relationship into what I had with her, because each relationship is special. She liked walks in the moonlight and soft lingerie, whereas I" she continued with a pointed stare, "like things a little rougher, as if you hadn't guessed. There are some things about being soft that I do enjoy from time to time, and I know that she was at least slightly interested in light bondage. Sometimes you just have to make compromises. I think we might have to slow down a bit, ‘cause our ‘games' can get a bit expensive. So, did I answer your question?"

"Pretty much. I feel better though, knowing I can do something for you that she couldn't. I can't help it, I'm just naturally competitive."

"Well, you're not competing with her. I think that little girlfriend of hers might be exactly what she needed."

"I hope so. She's a cutie, you know. You should have seen the outfit we picked out for her. If Tammy likes ‘em soft and silky, she's probably having the time of her life tonight."

Carrie was absolutely awash with curiosity. "All right, you don't get to leave it at that. What were you two up to the other day?"


The next day, Carrie managed to get away from work long enough so that she and Alicia could see Tammy and Beverly off. The latter two ladies looked incredibly tired, and Alicia could only surmised that Beverly had gotten what she wanted last night.

"So," said Tammy, "I'll see you in a couple of months? Let me know how things go with the realtor." She laughed. "Can you imagine it? Being neighbors after all this time?"

"Kind of weird, but kind of right as well."

"And you . . ." This was directed at Alicia. "You take good care of her."

Alicia smiled back at her, wondering who was going to be ‘taking care' of whom. "I'll try. She's a little rough around the edges, but I think I'll manage."

Tammy's grin widened. "She rough more than around the edges. Are you sure you wouldn't like to sit down?" she asked overly innocently. "Your legs must be getting AWFULLY tired by now."

Alicia blushed furiously. She had worn loose shorts to prevent her tender ass from having too much strain exerted on it, and sitting on it was out of the question. Something Tammy had apparently figured out. "No, that's okay. You look like you didn't sleep too well, so you should have the seat."

"Touché," Tammy returned, but it was Beverly doing the blushing. Tammy gave Alicia a hug, then she hugged Carrie. "It was good seeing you. I'll call when we get back home."

Beverly rose to her feet, but it was Alicia who instigated the hug. She whispered so the older two women couldn't hear her, "So, did you have fun last night?"

"It was perfect," the adorable young lady whispered back. "Thank you so much."

"Thank you. I really hope we get to be neighbors. Call me next week and tell me everything."

"Only if you do to!"

"As much as you can handle." The two girls were grinning conspiratorially as they hugged again.

"Hey!" said Tammy. "Put my girlfriend down and slowly step away."

Then Carrie spoke up. "Bev, if my girl gives you too much trouble, you can always get her to let go by giving her a light slap on the . . ."

"Don't you dare!" Alicia almost shouted as she turned a bright red color.

" . . . wrist. I was going to say wrist! You are so sensitive."

Their friends boarded the plane, and Alicia rested her head on her lover's shoulder. "You were NOT going to say ‘wrist' and you know it. So, how late do you work today?"

"I'll probably finish up around seven. Why?"

"I thought we might eat out tonight."

"Same place as always?"

"Where else?"

They strolled hand in hand back towards the ticket counters, anticipating another romantic dinner at a place they called "Alice's Restaurant."

Chapter Three

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