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6:58 a.m.

The next few days were both wonderful and frustrating. They were wonderful because Alicia actually got to know the federal agent much better, and she was also getting excited about a life outside of crime. Carrie thought she might be able to get the young woman a job at the post office. It appealed to Alicia because it would be a good paying job where she'd be out in the truck all day. And it meant she could make ‘special deliveries' to Carrie's apartment wearing those cute little post office shorts. It was frustrating because she had gotten a taste of the kind of loving Carrie could provide and she wanted a banquet. The woman who was normally reserved seemed to be opening up a bit. She sometimes wore her hair down and she smiled more. She had been instructed to keep an eye on Alicia, so Alicia gave her an eyeful. She wore as little as possible without making it too obvious that she was trying to turn her friend on. A few days later, they got good news. The cartel had gone ahead and picked up the narcotics. A couple dozen people got nabbed, including Travis. It was a relief for Alicia. It also meant an end to Carrie's obligation. They were sitting on the bed, absorbing the news. "So," said Alicia, "any thoughts about what happens next?" Carrie looked towards the door, but not at it. She was just gazing off into space. The Alicia felt the older woman's hand grasping her own. "So, dinner and a movie hunh?" Alicia tackled Carried in a big hug. "Do you mean it?" "Yeah." She kissed the younger woman. "I do." "Can we get dressed up and everything?" "Dressed up?" "Yeah. I figure you haven't been getting out much, so you should have enough saved up to take me somewhere nice. And I want you to wear a dress." "Excuse me? Aren't you pushing your luck . . ." Alicia cut her off with a kiss. "Please?" she said, batting her eyes. "No wonder you never got sent to jail. Okay, but I at least get to pick the restaurant."
"You cad," said Alicia. "Still, there is a bit of something resembling irony here." This was Alicia's response when Carrie's car found itself parked on the street outside Luigi's Place, the same location their entire adventure together had begun. They had made an entire day of their first date. They had started by getting their hair done. For Carrie's fiery mane, it just meant getting the split ends cut and a quick shampoo, condition and rinse. But Carrie had insisted on Alicia going with a single hair color, so the young lady had gotten it died back to it's original blonde color. Then they had gone dress shopping, where Alicia took charge. She picked a beautiful dress for Carrie. It was a long green dress that clung to her curves snugly. It had an oriental flower pattern cascading down one side and spaghetti straps. Her wonderful tits were perfectly framed. Alicia had gone for the little black dress, with an emphasis on little. It was basically a long tube that went from her chest to the middle part of her thighs. It was stretched to the limit up top trying to contain her cleavage and was only partially successful. She wore a matching set of long black gloves that came up past her elbows, as well as a pair of stiletto heels. It was the best "fuck me" outfit she could put together. It took some convincing for the owner to allow Alicia in the door. Actually it took a flash of Carrie's badge, an assurance that the young woman was "retired" and a fifty-dollar bill. The dinner itself was delightful and the conversation was amusing. Alicia talked about her brushes with the law while Carrie talked about her brushes with the criminal element. They both sipped wine throughout the evening, but neither wanted to get drunk; Carrie because she was driving and Alicia because she wanted to remember that evening. Finally the dessert was done and the check was paid. They found themselves out on the street after deciding to forego the movie. "So, now what?" Alicia leaned in and kissed Carrie on the cheek. Carrie sat there for a moment, resting on the hood of the car. "Well, I should probably take you home. Right now, the question is, ‘Whose home?'" Alicia whispered into the redhead's ear, "You have to take me back to your place. At the very least, I need to get my pussy . . . cat." Carrie kissed Alicia, but this time on the neck. "What if I want . . . What if I want your pussy . . . cat . . . to stay the night?" Alicia was flushed with a sense of victory. "I think that can be arranged." They got in the car and headed back to Carrie's place. When they arrived, they strode inside hand in hand. The younger girl closed the door behind them and locked it. When she turned around, the hot redhead was walking towards the bed. She reached behind her and managed to get her dress unzipped, letting it fall to the floor. She had gone with out a bra that evening, leaving her in only a lacy pair of v-string panties and high heels. Alicia took a deep breath. Before her eyes was the sexiest woman in the world. Carrie sat down daintily on the bed, crossed her legs and leaned back on the bed with her arms out. "Why don't you get your little ass over here so I can pet your pussy . . . cat." Alicia lightly bit her bottom lip, and strode towards the bed with a sway in her hips. She got to the bed, hooked the top of her tube dress with her fingers and pulled it down to the ground. She had also gone bra-less that evening, so her heavy globes swung freely on her chest. She straddled Carrie's lap and pushed her tits into the older woman's face. Carrie's talented tongue flicked across every fleshy inch, and her lips latched on to the nipples with the strength of a vacuum cleaner. She also felt her ass being heavily groped by her lover's hands. "I seem to remember you promising to pet my . . . well, you know." Carrie didn't break her attention to the younger girl's breasts when she slid her hand between their bodies and started rubbing Alicia's mound through the moist fabric of her flimsy panties. She just stroked her whole hand from bottom to the top. Alicia bucked her hips, indicating she wanted more. Carrie was content to just tease the girl for a while longer, then placed her index finger against the fabric and slowly pressed in between the swollen lips. She stroked the slit and then wiggled her finger from side to side before teasing the clitoral area. This continued on for several minutes. Alicia was in heaven. She had a talented mouth teasing her breasts, a hand massaging her pussy and the other hand firmly gripping her ass. The combination of stimuli felt extraordinary, and she felt the pressure inside her building. She wrapped her arms around Carrie's head to help support her, and then the young woman came. Her body froze as her cum drenched her panties and Carrie's hand. She was gasping for breath when she was finally able to move again. Carrie lifted her juice-soaked fingers and tasted them. She licked her whole hand clean and then kissed Alicia on the lips. Her own nectar combined with the older woman's sweat to produce a powerful aphrodisiac. Carrie wrapped her arms around the young woman's waist and the just held each other while exchanging kisses. "So," said Alicia. "What's next?" "Well, I thought that since you're a thief that's never been to jail, a little punishment is in order." Alicia smiled. "What did you have in mind, officer?" They disentangled and Carrie pulled a small bag out from under the bed. She pulled out two items. One of them appeared to be a butt-plug. It looked like a doorknob, with the knob part about an inch and a half at the widest point and a wide base to keep it in place. She also pulled out a small paddle and a bottle of lubricant. Alicia began wondering if waking the sleeping sex-drive of her lover was such a good idea. Carrie sat on the edge of the bed and lovingly lubed up the plug. The she put the bottle and the toy on the bed and laid her forearm across her lap, palm up. "Take those off," she commanded. Alicia turned around and slowly slid the moist fabric down to her ankles and stepped out of them. "Now come over her and lie down on my lap." Alicia did as she was told. Her stomach pressed against Carrie's arm and her hot box was miraculously on top of the older woman's hand. As soon as she was comfortable, or as comfortable as she was going to get, Carrie's finger curled up into her box and Alicia felt it go gently exploring. "Be gentle," she whispered. "This is my first time at this." And she meant it. Her previous lovers had never been into this sort of thing, but Alicia was willing to try almost anything, particularly if it made Carrie happy. Carrie leaned in. "I promise I won't do anything to hurt you. Do you believe me?" Alicia nodded. "Then just lie there and enjoy this." Alicia saw her lover pick up the plug, noticing it appeared to have a small switch in the base. She didn't have much time to ponder as the well-lubricated device was placed against her essentially virgin sphincter. She had never had anything larger than a finger up there before, and while she did enjoy a little anal play, this was all together different. At first she just felt pressure, then a little bit of pain as her anus expanded past its normal diameter. But she didn't wince. She didn't want Carrie to stop. After a few minutes, the round head slipped in and her asshole was able to relax. She had to admit that it felt kind of nice, particularly with Carrie's finger still caressing her cunt. The pressure in her ass made her pussy especially sensitive. Then the paddle came down lightly on her ass. It smacked against the base of the butt-plug, stimulating her asshole. This caused Alicia's hips to shoot forward, impaling her moist box onto Carrie's finger, which in turn curled up to tease Alicia's widening g-spot. Oh God, thought the young woman. That was the most amazing combination she had ever experienced! She began looking forward to each light spank. Carrie inserted a second finger, stretching Alicia's pussy even more. A few more spanks, and Alicia's cunt was practically dripping onto her lover's hand and leg. But Carrie had one more surprise. Alicia heard a ‘click' and looked back to see her the older woman's hand retract after having turned on the switch. Alicia felt a ‘humming' sensation emanating from her rear end. "What the . . ." ‘Smack!' When the paddle came down the next time, the butt-plug started vibrating like an old-fashioned freight train. Alicia's entire lower body seemed electrified as she thrust her hips against Carrie's hands. Carrie curled both fingers up to stimulate her lover's special spot. The older woman leaned in again and whispered into Alicia's ear. "Get ready for the experience of a lifetime, because that baby is impact activated." Alicia barely heard her. Her brain's pleasure centers were almost on overload. The paddle came down again, and she began seeing stars. She was grinding her hips hard against Carrie's hand and knee. She was humping like a dog in heat. Repeated thwacks continued stimulating the butt-plug, and each thwack brought new vibrations. Each vibration lit up the young woman's world. She knew her ass was going to be sore and reddened, but she wanted the experience to go on forever. "Please," she said almost plaintively. "I've been REALLY bad. I need to be punished some more." And the spanking kept coming. Never very hard, just enough to light up the nerve endings ON her ass and to activate the plug IN her ass. When she finally came, it was unlike any orgasm she had ever experienced. There wasn't a single muscle in her body that wasn't straining or tightening. Her ass exerted so much pressure on the plug that it was briefly activated. And Carrie, realizing what was going on, had put her fingers into overdrive. The waves of pleasure rippled out from her pussy and extended to the top of her head and the tips of her toes. She didn't think she had that much juice left in her body, but soon Carrie's hand and leg were almost slippery with the stuff. She collapsed onto Carrie's lap and just lay there like a length of fabric. She was still moaning pleasurably. She felt Carrie's hand gingerly placed on her tender ass, stroking her skin gently. "So, did you like it?" She kissed Alicia's sore bottom. "I hope it didn't get to rough." "I may have to be lying on my stomach for the next day or so, but it was worth it." She felt a tug on the plug. "No! Please leave it in. Turn it off for now, but leave it in." She got off Carrie's lap, kneeling in front of her and giving her a long, slow kiss. "You know, I just realized . . ." she started before kissing her way down the woman's neck, " . . . you've done so much for me, but I haven't done much for you yet." Her kisses made their way to Carrie's breasts, and Alicia tried to treat those tits as nicely as hers had been treated. Carrie's moans indicated she was doing a good job. She pushed the older woman back onto the bed and lay on top of her. Carrie's legs parted, allowing the younger woman to slide in and press her moist mound against Carrie's satin panties. Her voice took on an air of desperation. "What can I do for you? What can I do that will make you feel as good you made me feel?" "I'll just have to trust you to figure something out." Trust. The idea reverberated through Alicia's head. "Close your eyes. Please." Carrie did as asked. Alicia moved quickly, grabbing one of her lover's belts and a spare pillowcase. She ripped the pillowcase down one seam and then ripped it down the length again, giving her two strips. She tied one of them around Carrie's head, covering her eyes. Then she pushed the woman onto her back and had her stretch her arms over her head. Once there, Alicia secured her hands with the other strip of pillowcase, then looped the belt between her arms and looped it around a hold in the bed's frame before buckling it. Carrie was lying blind and almost completely nude on the bed. And she was completely at Alicia's mercy. She slowly pulled Carrie's panties off before lying down next to her, tweaking her nipples and caressing her stomach. She whispered, "You might have to call in sick tomorrow. Because I'm about to fuck you so much you won't want to move." She kissed her way down Carrie's neck, stopping long enough to leave a tremendous hickie. Let the boys at the Bureau take note: this woman was spoken for. She spent some time devouring Carrie's beautiful melons. She nibbled on the nipples and licked the soft surrounding skin. She cupped those mounds and enjoyed their heat. Then she moved further south until she reached Carrie's perfect pussy. It was slightly swollen and looked incredibly juicy. A small strip of neatly trimmed red hair seemed to be pointing down towards the opening. The rest of the area was cleanly shaven. She hadn't gotten a good look at it that first time they had sex, but it was a sight she would always remember. Alicia inserted her soft tongue into the slot and performed a series of slow, methodical licks. She just wanted to get Carrie a little more juiced up. Once the older woman started to squirm, Alicia pulled her tongue away and just blew lightly on her inner lips. Carrie pushed up with her feet and pressed her pussy in whichever direction the air was coming from. But Alicia kept her mouth just out of reach. She would do hit-and-run licks with her tongue, but she always retreated before her lover was able to catch up. Carrie was groaning to the point of almost whining. Finally Alicia just buried her face into the older woman's box and licked for all she was worth. Carrie sighed contentedly as her aching sex was finally given a reprieve. Alicia did every oral trick she knew how to do. She sucked on the inner lips and let her tongue trace the area between the inner and outer lips. She licked the clitoral hood and teased the clitoris itself. She stuck her tongue in deep and then licked around the outside of the swollen mound. And when she realized Carrie was getting close to release, she pulled back and just watched. Once again, the woman's hips and pussy were moving about trying to find some way of achieving release. "Please! Don't leave me like this!" "Leave you? Honey, I'm just getting started." And she meant it. She kept the older woman on the edge of ecstasy for twenty minutes. She would tease her to the brink but not let her cum. But after a point, Carrie had stayed on the edge as long as she could stand. All Alicia had to do was insert a couple of fingers into that tortured pussy and it was all over. It was like a damn broke inside her, in more ways than one. She hadn't let herself truly experience pleasure in years. Her sex life had been non-existent since she had betrayed the trust of a friend. All that anxiety and all that self-doubt vanished in a flow of cum from the innermost reaches of her being. True, Alicia had gotten her off once before, but that had almost been a release out of desperation. This was about letting herself be happy again. And boy was she apparently happy! Her entire body was writhing in pure delight. Her mouth was open and trying to breathe in as much air as possible. Her cheeks were flushed with passion. Alicia finally realized how badly her lover had needed this. And she was honored to be the one to give it to her. At long last, Carrie settled onto the bed. Her breathing was deep and powerful. Her skin glistened with perspiration. She just lay there limply. "I . . . I . . ." "It's okay," said Alicia. "You don't have to say anything right now." She kissed Carrie and stuck her tongue down the woman's throat, letting her taste some of her own cum. Carrie drank it up and longed for more. "And I'm not done with you. Not by a long shot." Alicia went over to the bag where Carrie kept some of her work stuff. She reached in and grabbed a pair of latex gloves from a box of gloves that Carrie used when collecting evidence. She slipped them on, making sure to let the elastic sleeves snap back when she was done. She wanted Carrie to wonder what was going on. She grabbed the lubricant and smeared it on both hands, coating each hand well. "So," she asked when her preparations were done, "are you ready for something really fun?" She petted Carrie's mound just like Carrie had done for her earlier, bottom to top with those slick gloves. Then she pushed two fingers straight into the redhead's box. She fucked Carrie with those fingers, spreading them and stretching her friend's opening. Then she inserted a third finger in, and Carrie started groaning more loudly. "Oh fuck! That feels so good!" Alicia smiled. I'm just getting warmed up, she thought. She curled her fingers together in a tight formation. Then she brought her thump in as tightly as she good. Luckily she was double-jointed, so she managed to squeeze her hand into a much smaller cylinder. When her knuckles reaching the older woman's opening, Carrie finally realized where things were going. "You can't . . . There's no way . . ." "Shh. I told you that you could trust me. I'm going to rock your world and leave you begging for an encore." She was rocking her hand a tiny amount, pushing the entire thing in a little deeper. Carrie's legs were spread wide, hoping that might ease the pressure associated with this intrusion. Her abdomen looked incredibly tight and her pussy was clamping down with tremendous power. But Alicia wasn't to be denied. She pushed onward and inward. Carrie arched her back. Alicia's hand moved a little bit further forward. And just like that, her hand was inside. Carrie's body froze in mid arch. The muscles of her torso, arms and legs stood out against her skin. Alicia pumped her fist a few times, and her lover went slightly nuts. Carrie began twisting and turning, almost as if unsure if she wanted the massive invader gone or trapped. It didn't much matter, as she had nowhere to go. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Carrie seemed to have a one-track mind all of a sudden. Alicia gave her arm a few quick pumps, then reached up removed Carrie's blindfold with the other hand. "I just wanted you to see what it looked like to have a fist stuck in your pussy." She pumped her arm again and saw Carrie almost pass out. "Does it feel good?" "Yes! God yes!" Alicia loosened her fist and began pushing parts of her hand against every section of Carrie's cavity. Carrie was pulling hard against the bindings at her hands, wanting desperately to reach down and grab Alicia's forearm. Then Alicia had another idea. While continuing to give her lover a proper fisting, she inserted a finger from her other gloved hand into Carrie's previously neglected anus. "No! No more! I can't take anymore!" "Yes you can. And you will. And you'll be asking for more." She stepped up the thrusting of her finger into Carrie's ass, but didn't neglect the fisting. "Do you want me to stop? Just say the word and I'll stop." Carrie was still squirming every which way but loose. Finally, she said, "No. Fuck me. Please fuck me." Alicia smiled. After just a few more minutes, Carrie came again. And again. And again. Alicia kept her arm pumping as Carrie's tired opening tried vainly to clamp down on Alicia's wrist. Her asshole was slightly more successful, but only a little bit. Alicia was amazed by the sight of her arm disappearing, just inches from the wrist, into Carrie's body, and by Carrie's pussy spread almost obscenely to accommodate Alicia's arm. Alicia had managed to bring the redheaded dynamo to three orgasms in as many minutes. When the third orgasm had subsided, Carrie lay almost completely motionless on the bed. Alicia was afraid she may have pushed the older woman to far. She slowly removed her hand from Carrie's pussy and scrambled to undo the belt buckle and untie her hands. "Are you alright?" Carrie opened her eyes. They were shining like stars, and her mouth formed a sensuous smile. With her hands free, she grabbed Alicia's head weakly and pulled it to her, kissing the young woman with as much energy as she could muster. Alicia returned the kiss, letting her tongue slip one more time into her lover's mouth. She draped a leg over Carrie's prone body as they shared something a little more soothing than what had transpired earlier. Carrie was able to gather enough energy to reach down and pull the butt-plug from the younger woman's well-stretched anus and tossed it onto the floor. Even when the kissing stopped (or slowed), the two kept their heads nestled together. Alicia started gnawing on a fingernail. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. I'm . . . Was I good enough? Was I as good as . . ." She didn't know how to finish. Carrie sighed and kissed her young lover on the forehead while playing with her hair. "Don't try and do that. You can't compete with ‘what might have been with someone else.' Let's make our own memories." She kissed Alicia on the lips. "If it weren't for you, I don't know if I would have even been willing to try." "So where do we go from here?" "I figure that we find you an honest job. We try going out on a few more dates." She paused to brush a stray hair out of her lover's face. "Thought not every date has to end this . . . energetically. Besides that . . . Well, I don't know. I haven't done this in a while." They snuggled in silence for a while. Finally Alicia spoke up again. "I'm sorry if you have to call in tomorrow. I didn't really mean . . ." "Sweetie, tomorrow is Sunday. Unless something big happens, I didn't have to work tomorrow anyway." "So we could have kept going?" "No, I think that was as much as I could handle for one night." Seven chose that moment to jump on the bed and curl up next to Alicia's head. "So," the young woman started, "would you mind a new roommate. I realize it's a bit sudden," she continued with a wicked grin, "but I think my pussy . . . cat is going to be needing a lot of attention in the near future." Carrie laughed and pulled the covers up around them. "Well talk about it in the morning." Chapter One

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