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4:59 p.m.

The hostess looked into the room expectantly. It was dark but for a single pool of light in the exact center. Caught in that light was a naked woman, on her back, writhing in what looked like ecstasy. She was resting on a small but sturdy wooden table, the top just big enough to support her from her shoulders, just below the arms, to her buttocks. Her legs curled off the end, bent sharply at the knees and chained by the ankles to one of the table's two solid supports. The powerful muscles in her thighs and calves strained at the links, held in high tension by the stringent bondage. Her arms were also bound, pulled down under the table and back to the same support that held her ankles. This caused her body to arch, her back not touching the table at all, and her chest and stomach following a graceful curve. Her prominent breasts were flattened out slightly due to her prone position, and they heaved as she breathed deeply in and out. The nipples were stiff and erect, their rosy color matching the flush in her cheeks.

The hostess silently entered. As she walked around the room, keeping out of the light, she saw the two large vibrators embedded in the woman's pussy and anus, cables running from each down to the floor and across to a laptop computer hidden in the shadows. In between the woman's moans, a low buzzing noise could be heard from the devices.

She lifted her head and Q, the hostess, noticed that she was wearing a black leather collar. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was open wide as she cried out in pleasure. Her body shook, tensing still further as the orgasm rocked her. Slowly it subsided and she relaxed as much as she was able, her head hanging back with her long brown hair trailing beneath it. Her moans died away to silence. Q approached and leaned down so that her mouth was next to the bound woman's ear.

"Paige, Lexi just called," she whispered. "She's on her way back.

She'll be here in about half an hour. Do you want me to let you loose?"

Paige lifted her head laboriously and looked at the hostess, a humorous glint in her blue-grey eyes. "If you must. Duty calls, I suppose."

She couldn't suppress a reluctant sigh as Q eased the vibrators from her body. Tenderly the other woman unfastened the cuffs around her wrists and ankles and helped her to her feet. Paige stood for a moment, nude, taking deep breaths as she gathered her emotions. Q took her arm.

"Come along. You haven't got much time."

"Just a minute," Paige held back. "There must be time for this."

She turned Q so that they were facing each other, then leaned forward and delicately kissed her on the lips. Q responded, opening her mouth and flicking her tongue out to touch Paige's. They held the embrace briefly then parted. Their eyes met fondly.

"Come along," repeated Q, stroking Paige's cheek. "You want to look your best for this, don't you?"

They left the room arm in arm and made their way to Q's private office and suite.

Lexi was in the changing room when they took her, donning the shiny black PVC bikini and leather boots that marked the club's guards. There were three of them, Angela, Jody and Kelly, also uniformed, and they fastened a collar around her neck as a mark that she was about to be punished. They flanked her closely as they marched her to Q's office. Patrons stood to one side as they passed, looking on with undisguised interest. The quartet halted at the door and Kelly knocked firmly.

"Enter" commanded the hostess.

They positioned Lexi in the middle of the room, facing the large desk behind which Q lounged, her feet up on its surface. Behind her and to one side stood Paige, now in her own uniform. Lexi threw her a sheepish glance. Paige looked back sternly, giving nothing away.

"You know what to do," snapped the hostess. "Remove her clothes and boots. Kelly, announce her punishment to our guests and meet us in the treatment room."

Kelly left obediently, and quickly the remaining guards stripped Lexi of her skimpy attire. She was left to stand naked in the center of the room. Angela cuffed her hands behind her back, and as an added humiliation she tied her thumbs together with a thin leather bootlace.

Lexi looked at the hostess defiantly. Unlike most of the other guards she retained her pubic hair, and pale patches in an otherwise even tan showed that she favoured a very skimpy, high cut bikini.

"Lexi, Lexi," sighed the hostess. "Why do you get into trouble quite so often? If I didn't know better, I'd swear that you just enjoy being publicly punished. Take her away!"

They dragged her down a corridor into a small room, where Kelly was waiting. It was like a cell, with green walls and stark overhead lighting. A hospital bed stood in the center of the room, with a thin vinyl mattress and chrome rails down either side. Angela and Jody lifted Lexi onto the mattress and held her down while Kelly secured her with inch wide leather straps, tied to the conveniently placed rails. Her arms lay underneath her, and one strap passed over them at the elbow, leaving her torso free. Another went across under her arse, holding her wrists tightly but again leaving her pelvis free to move.

From the lower end of the table, they could just see her hands as they stuck out from under her bottom. Angela and Jody parted her legs, spreading them so that her knees were crooked over the rails at the side of the bed. More straps, just above the knee, held her thighs firmly in this position. Her captors bent and swiftly cuffed each ankle to one of the legs in the center of the bed's sides, holding her knees bent.

Kelly threaded another strap under Lexi's right arm, passing it up through her armpit, over her chest just above her pert breasts, and back down under her left arm. Finally, they clipped more straps to the collar around her neck and tied those to the rails as well.

They left her in this uncomfortable position for some time. The fact that her knees were held down while her arms rested under her arse had the effect of lifting her pelvis up, exposing her already vulnerable sex. As the uppermost strap also pinned down her shoulders, her back was arched and her torso described a gentle curve along the top, from which her breasts thrust upwards. Light reflected from her tanned skin, particularly along the succulent roundness of her straining thighs. Her red hair, usually immaculately cascading down around her shoulders, was now somewhat dishevelled. She could still move her head from side to side, and her blue eyes scanned the room fearfully.

The door opened and swung closed again behind Paige, pristine in a crisp white blouse and tight black leather mini skirt. She wore a man's black silk tie, and little half moon spectacles. With her dark hair gathered back into a long ponytail, she looked every inch the young professional lady. Her dominatrix stilettos clicked on the tiled floor as she approached the bound Lexi. She stood with hands on hips, legs parted, looking down at her captive over the tops of her glasses. Her rouged lips parted in a delicate pout, and Lexi caught a waft of expensive perfume.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Paige quickly seized her jaw and forced a chrome ring between her teeth. A thin strap passed around her head, fixing it in place. With her mouth held wide open, Lexi could do no more than make guttural grunting and moaning sounds.

"First, I think I'd better shave you," announced Paige. "It will make things so much easier later."

Lexi squirmed as Paige used a large brush to spread shaving foam copiously over her pubic hair. The dark haired guard paused for a moment when she was satisfied with her efforts.

"Now, this razor is very sharp, and I'd keep very still if I were you," she cautioned Lexi.

Lexi froze, trying desperately not to move as she felt the blade scraping across her sensitive skin. As the lather gathered on its steel surface, Paige flicked it ostentatiously into the corner of the room. It didn't take her long, and when she'd finished, she dried off the excess foam with a soft towel. She blew gently on the newly exposed skin, causing Lexi to shiver. Tenderly, Paige smoothed some moisturising lotion into the area, lingering long enough for Lexi's body to respond. A tiny drop of liquid formed at the entrance to her pussy. Paige gathered it on her fingertip and licked it experimentally.

As Lexi looked over at her, Paige glanced at a mirror on the other side of the room and made a slight signal to an unseen observer. Seconds later the door opened, and Jody entered behind a large trolley. On top of the trolley was a large wooden case. Jody locked the wheels, winked at Paige and left.

With a flourish, Paige unclipped the locks and threw open the lid of the case. From inside, she withdrew a large and ominous looking piece of equipment. It was basically a black plastic box, cubic in shape, with a circular dial on the front from which jutted a big handle. Paige reached into the case again and removed another box, smaller this time, with a double row of what looked like headphone sockets on the top.

Finally, she pulled out a bundle of wires, five red and one green. The green one plugged into the larger of the two boxes, along with one of the red wires. The other end of the red wire fitted into one of the holes in the smaller box, as did the four remaining red wires.

Paige approached Lexi, holding the free ends of the four red wires.

Each was tipped with a small but nasty looking spring loaded metal clip.

Lexi gulped.

Paige gently tweaked her right nipple until it was quite hard then snapped one of the clips around it, leaving a little pink bud protruding at the top. Lexi winced and cried out as the metal bit into her tender skin, not enough to puncture it but sufficient that it would not come off no matter what she did. Mercilessly Paige ignored her and repeated the process on her left nipple, forcing another whimper from the bound girl when the clip twisted the piercing that she shared with all the club's guards.

Lexi twisted her head away as one of Paige's hands approached.

Undeterred, the chief guard took hold of a handful of red hair and forced her to look straight up at the ceiling. With her other hand, she reached thumb and forefinger through the chrome ring gag, grasping Lexi's tongue firmly and pulling it out hard. Holding tightly, she released her hold on the hair and picked up another of the clips, holding it in front of Lexi's eyes.

Lexi knew what was coming, and gave an anguished wail as Paige snapped the clip onto the tip of her tongue and let go. Her tongue retreated back into her mouth, the wire trailing from it and brushing against her lower lip. The clip felt strange, and it dug into her flesh uncomfortably as her tongue brushed against her palate. In the end she was forced to allow it to stick out of her mouth.

Paige brandished the final red wire in front of her. Lexi rolled her eyes desperately as she tried to see where the other woman was going.

With a gasp she felt warm air on her shaved mound, followed by a gentle kiss. Paige lapped at her, teasing and flicking her clitoris. Lexi sighed, letting her head fall back to the mattress. She was totally unprepared for the sudden pain when Paige put the last clip onto her tender bud. Her whole body arched and she squealed loudly, her toes and fingers clenching. Her breath hissed as she tried desperately to relax. At last it faded to a dull ache that was bearable, though not pleasant.

Paige went back to her case and fiddled for a few moments out of Lexi's view. When she returned to Lexi's side she was holding a large vibrator, onto which she had fastened the green wire. The surface of the vibrator glistened with lubricant. Held open as she was, Lexi was unable to resist as Paige slowly inserted it into her defenceless pussy. A narrow prong near the base of the implement wormed its way inexorably into her tightly clenched anus.

At last Paige stood back and folded her arms. She looked down at her helpless victim, smiling. Lexi's eyes pleaded with her, to no avail.

"This could get rather hot," said Paige. "I hope you don't mind if I take my blouse off."

She removed the silk blouse and hung it on a peg at one end of the room.

Underneath it she was naked, and her ample breasts jutted out proudly.

She'd left the tie on and it fell between them, the black startling against the creamy colour of her skin. Her ponytail reached almost to her waist as it tumbled down her flawless back. She stroked Lexi's cheek once and stepped over to the trolley. With her right hand she grasped the handle and looked back at the prone woman. Slowly she began to turn it.

Lexi gasped. A tingling sensation began deep in her pussy, followed by little pulses from each of the clips attached to her body. As Paige continued to turn the handle, she felt her nipples and clitoris respond to the gentle electrical stimulation, hardening beyond anything she thought possible. The vibrator inside her emitted a steady pulse. Its throbbing action was transmitted to the narrow probe in her anus, to her surprise and pleasure. Moisture started to gather around the part of the cylinder that was visible in her pussy. The pain when the clips were attached became a distant memory, banished by the pleasure of the moment.

"Nice, isn't it?" Paige's words broke into her rapture. "But feel what happens when I start to crank it a little faster."

Her actions matched her words and Lexi stiffened, straining at her bonds as the sensations intensified. A whimper escaped her when the clip on her tongue brushed against her lips, causing a little jolt to pass through them. She tried desperately to hold it still, thrust out of her mouth. She felt the skin around her nipples tauten and her chest heaved. The vibrations flooded through her pussy and anus, the stimulation to her clit sending her nerve endings racing, as though she wanted to pee and come at the same time. Perspiration broke out on her body even as Paige slowed down again.

"It's a shame, really," said Paige, "that it's got a built in regulator, so I can't do any real damage, but it can deliver a fairly hefty jolt."

At that she sped up the crank quickly. Lexi screamed in response, the pain that surged through her tongue, nipples and clit matched by an equal rush of pleasure delivered deep into her soaking pussy. Her fists clenched under her and her legs pulled at the unyielding cuffs.

She curled her toes involuntarily. Gradually the pain died away as Paige resumed the slow and steady turning of the crank, and Lexi settled back into the blissful daze caused by the multiple stimulations.

"The other problem, of course," commented Paige, "is how long the operator can keep going. I can do this speed indefinitely, but it's much more fun if I do it faster. Q once kept me on edge, alternating fast and slow, for almost an hour before I came. I'm going to see if I can beat that."

Paige was true to her word. She kept up a steady pace on the crank, speeding up only when she sensed that Lexi was on the verge of coming.

The sudden stab of pain as she briefly increased the speed was enough to bring the redhead back down, just. After three such interludes, Lexi was soaked with sweat, her whole body gleaming under the harsh overhead lights. Her hair was plastered to her scalp, and a pool of her juices had collected on the mattress between her spread thighs.

She was pleading with Paige for release, but gagged as she was all that could be heard were incoherent vowel sounds.

After an eternity Paige settled into a rhythm slightly faster than previously, enough to provide intense stimulation without too much pain. Lexi panted heavily, her breasts rising and falling almost in time with Paige's arm. She closed her eyes and threw back her head.

As her orgasm reached its crescendo, Paige cruelly yanked the handle around one last time. Lexi gave an ear-splitting shriek. Her back arched and her body was racked with spasms. She lost control of her bladder even as she came mightily, a gush of hot liquid flooding out to pool on the mattress underneath her. Her pelvis pumped at the air as the orgasm shook her and the last vibrations died away inside her pussy. Several smaller aftershocks passed through her. She gave a few small cries before collapsing back onto the bed like a punctured balloon.

When she came to moments later, Paige was standing over her, having put her blouse back on. She looked as though she'd just stepped off the catwalk rather than having spent the last hour or so torturing Lexi.

With a smile she reached down and removed the clip from Lexi's tongue and the gag from her mouth. Lexi worked her jaw in some relief, running her tongue around the inside of her dry mouth.

"Here, this should help," Paige soothed, feeding a straw into her mouth.

Lexi sucked greedily at the chilled water. When she'd finished, Paige removed the clips from her nipples and clit. She sobbed briefly as the blood returned painfully to their extremities. With a reluctant sigh she felt the vibrator being pulled from her with a sucking sensation, leaving a strangely empty feeling in its wake. Paige licked it seductively.

"Have you learned your lesson," she asked, "or will I have to carry on later?"

"No," whispered Lexi, "I promise I won't do it again."

"Good," replied Paige. "And now, it's nearly closing time. We'd better get you into the reception area."

Paige summoned Jody and Angela, who quickly and efficiently cleaned Lexi up. Once she was dry, they gave her body a light coating of oil so that it again gleamed in the light. Together they wheeled the bed into the main entrance lobby of the club. Once in position, they locked the wheels in place, leaving Lexi on display for the gratification of the club's guests. As they turned to leave, Lexi called out.


Paige stopped. She dismissed the other two and swivelled round to look at Lexi, a half questioning, half smiling expression on her face.

"Yes, Lexi?"

"Thank you."

Paige leaned forward and kissed Lexi tenderly on the lips.

"You're welcome," she whispered. Straightening up, she walked across the lobby to where the hostess waited in the shadows, dressed in her skin-tight silver bodysuit.

"Very good, Paige," Q complimented her. "You beat my record."

Paige smiled. "So I win the bet?"

"You do indeed. Would you like to claim your reward now?"

"Of course," replied Paige. They linked arms and walked down the short hallway to Q's office. Inside, Q locked the door and quickly removed her figure-hugging outfit, hanging neatly it in one of the closets on the far wall. As usual she was wearing nothing underneath, eschewing lingerie for purity of line. Paige remained dressed, standing to one side with an expectant smile on her face. Now naked, the hostess leaned forward across her desk, reaching her arms forward to clutch at the far edge.

"Did Lexi understand?" she asked.

"Oh yes," answered Paige, picking up a supple cane and flexing it experimentally. "She won't borrow my Porsche again without asking.
Now, the bet was twelve strokes, wasn't it?"

She drew back her arm.

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